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I have this mental image that one day we’ll find Sherlock curled up in the corner of the sofa petting Molly and whispering “My precious!” while John scratches his head, staring at them, and wondering why the fuck this all feels so familiar.

Sherlock:  I need you for an undercover case. You have no problem acting as my wife?
Molly:  Oh, how about...siblings?
Sherlock:  ...
Sherlock:  ...
Sherlock:  No. Husband and wife.
Molly:  I just don't want to make you uncomfortable.
Sherlock:  Not uncomfortable.
Molly:  What about close friends?
Sherlock:  *annoyed* We already are close friends! Why are you so determined not to be my fake wife?
Molly:  *confused* I'm just thinking of you.
Sherlock:  *grits teeth* Well, stop thinking of me. We'll be husband and wife. Alright?
Molly:  Alright, if it means that much to you.
Sherlock:  *stung* If it's too much of a trial-
Molly:  *smirks* If I didn't know any better, Sherlock Holmes, I'd say you wanted to be married to me.
Sherlock:  *scoffs* Don't be ridiculous.
Sherlock:  ...
Sherlock:  Sign these papers.


i love my mom she’s one of my problematic favs

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